By Jerry Freadman

                                                                   UP GCOR Study Guide with ANSWERS

Know Your Track!

No losers in that.

All winners in fact.


Rule ONE.  Know your territory.

All other rules follow this one.

Territorial Knowledge comes first.


OK!  Fine Einstein, how then?

It's one of those Forest Tree things.

Stand back a bit, take a different look.


Draw a picture of the BASIC elements. (Time Table Plus)

Yes!  Get the crayons out, I'm slow.  (Show me the picture)

Location, Speed, Grade, Footage are good colors to start with.

Don't worry the Time Table has lots more color to choose from.

Go with the basic colors first.  But do learn your Time Table well.  It will save your tail.


Location, covers anything I feel that can, will, or does affect my train.  Land marks if you wish.  I want to know where things are, especially me.  And how they lay in relationship to every thing else. 


Speed, I want to know distance of previous, current, and next at a glance, with relationship to grade and land marks.  Space relationships are extremely important on speeds.  Text only can not deliver that view.


Grade, I want a Fast & Accurate read.  Only possible if grade angles are consistent.  Most grade charts are not consistent with line angles.  That makes a bad read fast.  Be aware and look for it.  Mine are consistent throughout.  I don't deviate.  Boundaries I respect little, when drawing grade.  I want grade visually correct.


Footages,  Wowthere is no end to this one.  No way can footage be justified on just how important it is on a daily basis to every rail and every craft.  And be so under appreciated and dealt with.  My charts can only get you close.   But that does not limit one from measuring and recording the important ones.  Then you KNOW.  It does pay to know, sometimes big.  I Guarantee you, it will happen.  Know your footages.  Footages are a major element of railroading.  Unfortunately unappreciated until you need them. 


A  Free to affordable quality drawing program would be a nice start towards unifying a standard. 

Templates and Tutorials would be a big plus.  Rail symbols and track templates would be great. 


Sorry, I can't recommend anything.  I've looked a lot, and I'm still using a DOS based program called Autosketch version 2.1.  Let me know if you find something Windows 7 to 9 will run.  I might upgrade???  Don't give me the old horse story, show me something better, and I'll put it to rest. But let me see it first.  I have looked for equal or better.  There are some features I refuse to give up.  So here I sit in the DOS world.  You don’t want to go there, not at this stage of the computer age.


Then we need a web site to share drawings, independent of road.  We work on foreign roads daily.  Color of the cab means little when we all share the same rail.  And that's what we need to learn, the rail we run.  Who cares who owns it.  We all run on it.  We all need to know it.


Territorial Knowledge is worth so much, it’s impossible to cover all the benefits everyone would receive.


Down and Dirty.

Know your track.

It has your back.

Know it for fact.







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